Temperature project

My intention of this project was:

To have a project in which I will have many oportunities to work with different technologies and tools and will not be limited by project aims. So, the project itself shoule be simple, but with huge range of possible ways I could realize it.

Bellow there is a short summary of this project

  1. aaa
  2. bbb
  3. ccc

As for now we (I and my small team) have worked with the following tools/technologies:

  • As an hardware platform used to collect data we use Arduino.
  • As an adapter which connects our hardware with the world we use Android based phone.
  • As an issue tracking software we use JIRA.
  • As a serwer we use Ubuntu Server 14.04.3 LTS – see Server page for more details.
  • As an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) we use PostgreSQL – again see Server page, PostgreSQL section, for more details. We need this ORDBMS to store some of our or applications (for example JIRA) data in ,,classical” style (in contrary to current tendency to use NoSQL databases or some systems build on top of them like OpenTSDB (TSDB – time series database)).
  • As an administration and development platform for PostgreSQL we use pgAdmin which seems to be the most popular Open Source administration and development platform for PostgreSQL.
  • As a web application framework we use Yii.
  • As a prototyping tool (wireframes) we use Pencil which is an open-source GUI prototyping tool that’s, what is important for me, available for all platforms. Other good choice would be an online wireframe.cc

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