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Google Colaboratory

In this part you will learn how to make your first steps with Google Colaboratory (or Colab in short).

Table of contents


First you should login to Google Colaboratory (Colab in short):

According to information from the Colaboratory main page, to mount your Google Drive you have to execute this code first:

After granted required permissions:

you will see message:

and after a while you should see your drive mounted in file tree on the left:

Your colab file tree should reflect your google drive

If you start new notebook:

you have to remember to mount your drive again. In the following example you create a file readme.txt in a /content/drive/MyDrive/ul/test/ folder with the content:

and then you read its content back:

  • Step 1: mount Google Drive

  • Step 2: save data

  • Step 3: load data