Microcontrollers programming

Short description

The aim of the course is to familiarize with the basic ideas in the electronics and use them to build simple circuits based on a microcontroller (eg. Arduino).

Classes (28h) are divided into three parts:

  1. Basic electronic knowledge (10h)
  2. Working with Arduino (10h)
  3. Working with projects (8h)
During the classes you will learn
  1. about the basic physical concepts used in electronics.
  2. about the basic elements used in electronics (such as a resistor, capacitor, transistor).
  3. how to build a simple system based on a microcontroller.
  4. how to use additional components (such as sensors, servos, displays).

The prerequisites

Knowledge about programming in C language.

The effect of education

  1. within the knowledge
    1. xxx
  2. within the skills
    1. xxx
    2. xxx
  3. within the competences
    1. xxx

The content of the classes

  1. Basic electronic knowledge (10h)
    1. How to power a device.
  2. Working with Arduino (10h)


Evaluation from classes (general evaluation)

Evaluation from tutorials Project verifies educational effects within the knowledge, skills and competences (effects: xxx)

Main bibliography and materials

Additiona bibliography and material