iOS programming, 1

Short description

Classes (28h) are divided into three parts:

  1. Introduction to Swift (8h) (classes: 1-4)
  2. Swift programming test (2h) (classes: 6)
  3. Introduction to iOS programming (14h) (classes: 5, 7-12)
  4. Working with projects (2h) (classes: 13-14)

The prerequisites

Knowledge about programming in any imperative programming language (C/C++, Python, Pascal etc.) and objective oriented paradigm.

The effect of education

  1. within the knowledge
    1. xxx
  2. within the skills
    1. xxx
    2. xxx
  3. within the competences
    1. xxx

The content of the classes

  1. Introduction to Swift (8h)
    1. Swift - basics.
    2. Swift - functions. Swift - classes (introducton).
    3. Swift - classes (initialization, nested types, access control).
    4. Swift - classes (error handling, protocols, extensions, generics).
  2. Introduction to iOS programming (12h)


Evaluation from classes (general evaluation)

Evaluation from tutorials Project verifies educational effects within the knowledge, skills and competences (effects: xxx)

Main bibliography and materials

Additiona bibliography and material