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Self practice
Topics you have to learn on your own
Date Description
1 Basic knowledge about electricity, related laws and components.
Information about the classes
Date Description
1 How to power an electronic device.
2 How to communicate devices with different logic levels.
  • Topics
    • Logic levels of signals.
    • Voltage divider.
    • Potentiometer.
  • Materials
  • You should know, understand and apply:
    • How to solve the problem of connecting devices which use different levels of logical states.
    • What is a voltage divider.
    • What is a potentiometer.
    • How to use analog and digital pins in Arduino.
3 Pull resistors: how to "initialize" microcontroller's pins.
4 Working with Tinkercad.
  • Materials
  • Tasks
    • Design and test the circuit in Tinkercad according to given requirements.
  • After this classes you should know
    • Design, in accordance with specific requirements, a simple circuit in Tinkercad and write an appropriate program to be executed on a microcontroller.
5 From Tinkercad to real hardware. Porting virtual project to real device.
  • Materials
  • Tasks
    • Port your Tinkercad project to real device.
    • Make your own project based on knowledge you have gained so far.
  • After this classes you should know
    • How to design simple project in Tinkercad and then port it to real device.
6 Working with LCD (Liquid Crystal Display).
Extra materials