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Chapter 7

What we will do:

  • implement setting shot coordinates with sliders;
  • implement game definitions;
  • implement saving and loading data.

This tutorial "copy" an approach use before to make ship sets part. For example TVC_GameDefinitions is a "copy" of TVC_ShipSets. Most of the changes are focused in game definitions classes but there are also some minor changes in other files. You can use diff to locate all of them.

  1. Read Basic data storage (Swift) tutorial to have basic knowledge of storing data in files.
  2. Watch video and repeat in your project all the steps (download video).
  3. Download source code for this chapter (download source code).
  4. Look into all source code files. Think about all changes you can find. Migrate all changes into your files.
  5. Watch the final result (download video).