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Practical examples and applications

  • Picture in picture
    In this short tutorial you will see how you can save binary data, images, in document NoSQL database (CouchDB).
  • Storing data in NoSQL database
    In this tutorial you will see a complete, long, but detailed tutorial where you will see:

    • how to create Django project,
    • how to upload data via webpage -- in this case you will upload GPX files with GPS track points,
    • how to process uploaded GPX file and transform them to JSON documents,
    • how to save JSON document in document NoSQL database (CouchDB),
    • how to use CouchDB's view to process data in document database -- in this case you will calculate total track length for each user in database.

You may also find useful tutorials located in section: Big Data, subsection: Practical examples and applications. For example you will find there tutorials related to Apache Pig: